Friday, 17 March 2017

Guitar Vinci Guitars #6

Track 6: Trail Of Dreams

Trail Of Dreams, the album closer, was also the last piece to be written and recorded, and is a play in three acts. The main guitar used was my trusty GG6, there being some acoustic (Taylor 412CE) in the first two sections. The chords and arrangement for the first section was originally written as part of an earlier effort that went nowhere, so I started there with a fresh approach and everything took off from there. I say took off, because the second section followed in a creative rush, and as I was completing that, ideas were forming for the main body and grand finale. The thread of the tune fell in to place seamlessly, and as the melodies and orchestration came together I knew I was doing something good. I was almost disappointed when the track was finished and I had no more to add.

The GG6 played beautifully on Trail Of Dreams, and I enjoyed using different pickup configurations to get the different chord and solo tones for the three separate movements. Perhaps a little bit of guitarist playing guitar/guitar playing guitarist went on, because there was some alchemy afoot. The EP felt complete once I'd finished, and the afterglow lingers as of this entry. It was good to get back to guitar basics and just work with my main axes, because I feel that it helped me to focus on what I was creating with them. I'm glad that Ormsby kid made himself known to me all those years ago.

The Ormsby Graham Greene Signature Series

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