Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Guitar Vinci Guitars #4

Track 4: Petra

Petra was another drop D tune played on the GG6FG although this one is in the key of E, with the drop tuning allowing the D to E main riff.
This track started with the main riff idea, which I doubled with a staccato string section. Once I had settled on a tempo, the rest of the piece came in a rush, with melody and orchestration ideas coming to me as I was writing and recording the other sections. I spent very little time reviewing parts as everything felt right as it was going down. The arrangement, while not simple, flows from part to part, the orchestra/band interplay describing mystery and high drama in turn. In one section in particular the horn line (written and recorded first) inspires and compliments the guitar melody, something I didn't plan or even realise until after the parts were all recorded. I think I got more of a handle on orchestrating recording Petra, and after playing it a few times in rehearsal, it is definitely one of my favourite tunes to play so far.

The GG6FG is perfect for this track, allowing me to clean up the rhythm parts where needed simply by changing my pick attack and palm muting, and to roar when the tune opens up. The solos vary in intensity from section to section, and I'm finding it easy to replicate live due to the guitar's responsive feel and the pickup's sensitivity to attack. When the drama hits in the tune's story, the 'FG sings gloriously - one of the reasons that Petra was so enjoyable to record and play.

Oh, I should mention - that's the 'FG in the background image of this blog. 😏

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