Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Guitar Vinci Guitars #3

Track 3: The Guitar Vinci Code

The title track of The Guitar Vinci Code started out with the main riff idea on the GG6FG - a series of hammered-on or slid power chords on the 4th, 5th and 6th strings, made easy by the drop D tuning. The chords are punctuated by open notes on the low D, and each phrase is separated by two beats of chugging rhythm on an open D5 chord, semi palm muted. Being a big fan of drop D, I have used this method of playing chord riffs in a few tunes, and this time around doubled the riff with strings and underpinned the whole thing with a sustained-note horn figure. The result was powerful and majestic, and inspired the rest of the arrangement.

The first solo drops to half time with the guitar being answered by strings and woodwind in places. This was the first time I had kept second solo instruments in mind when playing a solo, and I was very pleased with the way it turned out, both melodically and dynamically. In the middle of the tune are two unison riff sections which were fun to both record and play. Coming out of the middle section is a return to the intro riff, but with the guitars and bass providing a relentless chugging rhythm under the string motif and underpinning brass.

The outro section wraps up the piece in mighty fashion, and the GG6FG was perfect for this track, with just the right balance of drive and clarity. While I sometimes use more than one guitar on a track, The Guitar Vinci Code was GG6FG all the way - the guitar was playing particularly well on the day I recorded, and it was a great feeling to hear the parts come together as the track took shape.
I had had the idea for the title for a while, and as I was laying down the solo tracks I knew that this would be the tune to bear the name - it just felt right. I love this track, and I hope the people who hear it on record or live will love it too.

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