Monday, 23 January 2017

Guitar Vinci Guitars #1

Track 1: Flight Of The Kelpies

Flight Of The Kelpies is the opener, and one of two tracks on the EP that have no guitar solos. I originally had intended to have the guitar playing the main melody, and put a rough string line in as a 'place holder' while I recorded the rhythm guitars. The tune is in the key of Gm, and uses a low Eb chord under the main theme. I mention this because it meant that when I played the Eb on the GG6 - which is in standard tuning - I couldn't use the low E string as it was a semitone sharp, and just used the A and D strings to play the chord. After laying down left and right rhythm tracks, I switched guitars to the GG6FG, which lives in drop D tuning, and doubled the existing tracks using the low D string to play a full Eb power chord at the first fret. As well as adding a new tone, the Drop D tuning added some meat to the overall sound which I found appealing. I should add at this point that when I play the tune live, I use the GG7 so I can use all the normal chord shapes and still reach a low Eb. Thus, all three of my guitars are involved in the creation of Flight Of The Kelpies in one shape or form.

By the time I had finished the rhythm parts, I had really grown used to the sound of the violins taking the melody, and had come up with additional parts and embellishments while playing guitar. I had a quick think about it, and decided that the guitar didn't necessarily have to take all of the melodies on the CD. I then got to work arranging strings and horns, and wound up throwing in flute, tympani, Irish bouzouki, bodhran and harp for good measure. I had a ball mixing it all, and clarified some points on orchestration along the way. I think it makes a great opening track, and may use it to open the live shows, mainly because it's so much fun to play!

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