Sunday, 23 October 2016

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When I record an album or EP, I usually have a few extra Ormsby guitars around that find their way onto various tracks - On Leap Of Face, I used no less than eight guitars during the recording. On The Guitar Vinci Code, however, I stuck to my three signature series guitars - the GG6, GG7 and GG6FG - for the entire project. A few of the tracks have more than one guitar on them, and there's even one track where I used the GG6 and GG6FG for tracking, but will be using the GG7 to perform live. I found some great tone combinations, and the guitars performed flawlessly.

As well as simplifying my guitar selection, I skipped the amp/plugin combinations and ran the Ormsbys through one simple rig that rapidly became a recording favourite - a Mesa/Boogie Recto Verb 25 head into a Mesa CabClone guitar cabinet simulator. This lethal and versatile combo served me well through the recording, offering up all the required tones without undue fuss. The ease with which I was able to achieve excellent workable guitar sounds contributed greatly to my enjoyment of the recording, mixing and mastering process, and helped me produce a work I can be proud of.

I will go into more depth about how I recorded the guitars for the EP in future posts. In the meantime, I will leave you with a pic of the GG guitars in their natural habitat.

The Ormsby Graham Greene Signature Series

...and the rather awesome front cover artwork from the EP, courtesy of my beautiful and multi-talented wife, Donna:

The Guitar Vinci Code cover concept and design: Donna Greene


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