Thursday, 23 April 2015


With the new album finally released, there is a sense of relief, of accomplishment, satisfaction... and a sense of "now what?". In reality, there is no time for laurel resting because a whole new set of things to do have just presented themselves. Once the album is finished and made available, then the real work begins - letting the world know that the album exists, and where they can find it. This entails a lot more than putting the tracks on iTunes. iTunes is a big place, and it is likely that the average download customer is there for a specific artist or artists, and isn't idly browsing the shelves. This would hold true regardless of which download site is in question.

So here we go - waving flags and shouting from our little corner of the web to let the world know that there is some new music from The Greenehouse, and we think it's pretty damn good.

Down Devils Road
Down Devils Road was never a clear cut, start-to-finish album project. In fact, before the last four tracks were recorded to complete the album, I was in two minds as to whether or not I really wanted to continue releasing material at all. The four track digital version of Lord Of Misrule was online, and the six track CD version that had sold at Hells Bells gigs was now sitting in a box since my ear damage induced departure from the band. I was feeling far from inspired, yet the studio still beckoned - there were some compositional loose ends that were in need of tying up, and I wouldn't be happy until it was taken care of. In particular, the track that was to become Through The Dark needed to be finished. That tune wasn't just a track that had to be completed. It was a wound that had to heal. Another thing that had to heal was my hearing, and I was fortunate to be able to rest my ears for a while before making the decision to gird my loins for battle and wade in to making a full album out of an EP and a collection of ideas that were part of my personal rehabilitation, physically and spiritually. My hearing came back to a point that I was able to complete recording, mixing and mastering without compromising my musical integrity, and the journey through the last three instrumentals and the vocal track was at times chaotic and intense but ultimately cathartic. I will no doubt ruminate on these themes in future entries, but for now - cheers to a new record.

Down Devils Road was an album that had to be made. Mission accomplished.

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